East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 10.1
Pleione Contents_10.1
Distribution of Botrychium in Darjiling Hills
Foliar architecture of Pothos scandens
Foliar micro-morphology of Persicaria
NTFPs used by Mishings in Assam
Ethnobotany of Kishanpur WLS
Ex situ conservation of Saurauia punduana
Ethnobotany of Yimchunger-Nagas in Nagaland
Cough_cold by Tangkhul tribe Manipur
Critical notes on Alysicarpus monilifer
Life forms in Manipur montane forests
Wild edible plants ofMonsang Nagas Manipur
Climbers in ‘Gadi’ sacred grove Sikkim
Ethnobotany of Chorai tribe of Karimganj
Melissopalynology in Darrang dist Assam
Ethnomed plants of Tai Phake tribe Assam
Phenology of 2 medicinal Diospyros in Assam
Sedges in Kamrup District of Assam
Identity and renaming genus Quisqualis
Camellia sinensis var. lasiocalyx comb nov
Zingiber sianginensis sp nov Arunachal
Phaulopsis dorsiflora in Arunachal
Liparis gigantea in India
Holcoglossum amesianum in Nagaland
Panisea panchaseensis in Nepal
Ficus fulva in Manipur
Polystachya concreta in Nagaland
Indigofera zollingeriana in Meghalaya
Rhododendron camelliiflorum in WBengal
Oberonia rufilabris in Assam
Valeriana hardwickii V. jatamansi in Mizoram