East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 11.2
Pleione 11.2 Contents
Genus Synotis in Nepal Himalaya
Foliar Micromorphology of Gynocardia odorata
Taxonomic treatments of Cyperaceae
Cypsela macro and micro morphology of Crepis
Floral dynamics in Buxa Tiger Reserve
Indusia in North-east Indian Adiantum
Medicinal and aromatic plants of Malda district
Indigenous medicinal plants and practices in Mizoram
Plant diversity conservation in Meitei home gardens in Assam
Plants for management of fertility in Manipur
Ethno-veterinary plants in Sibsagar district of Assam
Tree alpha diversity in Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
Nutritional potential of Gonostegia hirta
Pollinators and visitors of Amorphophallus napalensis in Nagaland
Foliar micromorphological traits in some members of Ericaceae
Orchids in two protected forests in Kohima district of Nagaland
Woody Flora of Poonch District of Jammu and Kashmir
Ethnic knowledge on fodder plants in Arunachal Pradesh
Taxonomic significance of petiole anatomy of Premna
NTFP documentation in Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram
Ethnomedicinal wisdom of Garos in Sonitpur district of Assam
Grasses and bamboos of Barail Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam
Environmental compliance for river valley projects in NE India
Identity of “Niirvala” and Typification Crateva tapia
New varieties of Ranunculus arvensis R. hirtellus and R.muricatus
Arisaema_arunachalensis sp nov from Arunachal Pradesh
Thladiantha ziroensis sp. nov. from Arunachal Pradesh
Two new distributional records for the Indian flora
Genus Tropidia Lindl. in Assam
Cymbidium bicolor Lindl. a new report for Nagaland
Occurrence of globally threatened Hoya pandurata in India
Addition of some species of Senna Mill. for Manipur flora
Rubus franchetianus H. Lev. var franchetianus (Rosaceae) an addition to Sikkim flora
Exacum tenue (Blume) Klack. a new record for Eastern Himalaya
Occurrence of Gastrodia exilis Hook.f. in Darjiling_Sikkim Himalaya
Notes on the occurrence of Gentiana karelinii in India
Tipularia josephi a new generic record for Nagaland
Trachelospermum asiaticum_a new record for Manipur flora