East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
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Wood anatomy of some members of Euphorbiaceae and Phyllanthaceae
Byopa A traditional headgear of Nyishi tribe from Arunachal Pradesh
Tree biomass and carbon stock assessment of two forests in Assam
‘Phalap-Khah’ – the bitter tea of Tangsa community in the Changlang district
Wild Flowers of Ghyachok VDC, Gorkha District, Nepal
Ethnomedicobotany of Rajbanshi community in the Duars of West Bengal
Sustainable utilization of edible fruits by Tangkhul Naga Tribe in Ukhrul district Manipur
Ethnobotanical studies on the Khiamniungan tribe in Tuensang district, Nagaland
Phytomedicines for female infertility in Barpeta District, Assam
Tribe Andropogoneae of Poaceae in Western Himalaya
Plants in community health care and belief system by Mao-Nagas in Manipur
Foliar anatomical studies of some species of Dendrobium Sw.
Angiosperm diversity of Borail Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam - II
Notes on two invalid publication of plant names
Balanophoraceae, SE Asia - on the identity of Balanophora involucrata, B. flava
Lectotypification of the name Cucumis colocynthis L.
Notes on four new synonyms of the genus Dioscorea Plum. ex L.
New species of Colocasia Schott from Arunachal Pradesh
Thrixspermum changlangensis sp. nov. from Arunachal Pradesh
Platanthera species with amphora-like spurs in NE India
Floristic report from Upper Dibang Arunachal Pradesh - new reports
Sisyrinchium rosulatum E.P.Bicknell - naturalized in Bhutan
Sauromatum venosum (Dryand. ex Aiton) Kunth - new to Arunachal Pradesh flora
Distributional records for three rare flowering plants from West Bengal