East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 13.2
000 Pleione_Cover 13.2
000 Pleione 13(2). 2019_ CONTENTS
001 Orchids of three Nagaland districts
002 Ex situ conservation of three Himalayan ferns
003 Ethnobotany and micropropagation of Asclepias curasavica
004 Diversity and distribution of Arachniodes in NE India
005 Wild edible plants from Shi Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh
006 Ethnomedicinal uses of legumes in Tripura
007 Cross-cultural ethnobotany of Abotani tribes in Arunachal Pradesh
008 Phytoconstituent evaluation of ethnomedicinal Pyrus pashia in Arunachal Pradesh/a>
009 Ethnobotanical notes on food and medicinal plants of Monpas and Nyishis in Arunachal Pradesh
010 Enumeration of Flowering plants in Senchal Wildlife Sancuary
011 Ethnobotany of edible fruits by Mishmi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh
012 Assessment of Invasive flora in Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam
013 Ethnobotanically significant weeds of Siang belt of Arunachal Pradesh
014 Lifeform and Biological Spectrum of agroecosystem in Manipur
015 Enumeration of Sikkim Orchids
016 Flowering of Cryptomeria japonicum in AKSBG at Kolkata
017 Report on Tnternational Conference o Sustainable Agriculture
018 Occurrence of Juglans regia vs Juglans sigillata in Darjeeling-Sikkim
019 Lysionotus chatungii - new species of Gesneriaceae
020 Thrixspermum japonicum - new to orchid flora of India
021 Gastrochilus platycalcarata - new to Orchid flora of India
022 Solanum villosum - new record for Arunachal Pradesh, E India
023 Aeschynomene americana and Calopogonium new to Tripura flora
024 Astrea lobata new to Eastern India from Darjeeling
025 Distribution of Cleome rutidosperma and Ruellia simplex in Tripura
026 New record of Dioscorea cumingii for Tripura flora
027 Book Review - Orchids of Assam - A Pictorial Guide