East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 14.2
000 Pleione_14.2_Contents
001 Distribution of Roscoea tumjensis in Nepal Himalaya
002 Diversity of Tectarin in Eastern Himalaya and NE India
003 Distribution and status of Balanophora polyandra in Neora valley National Park
004 Edinburgh expedition specimens in Sikkim State Herbarium
005 Seed morphometry of four species of Dactylorhiza from Kashmir Himalaya
006 Ethnobotanical plant diversity in Pindari Himalaya
007 Traditional medicinal plants used by Chakhesang Nagas in Nagaland
008 Anthoxanthus monticola - new record for India
009 Anticancer plants found in Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh
010 Ethnomedicinal plants of Adi community in Upper Siang District_Arunachal Pradesh
011 Traditional Knowledge from Kishtwar in NW Himalaya
012 Raw plant drugs on sale in markets of Darjeeling Himalaya
013 Endemic species of Poaceae in Western Himalaya
014 Responses of road-side wild plants to particulate air-pollutants
015 Diversity and distribution of Meconopsis in Indian Himalayan Region
016 Reassesment of threat status of Allium carolinianum
017 Lectotypification of two species of genus Schizachyrium
018 Typification of Hemigymnia macleodii
019 Nomenclatural notes on some Indian and Chinese orchids
020 Distribution and ex situ conservation of Acanthophippium striatum
021 Occurrence of Ariopsis protanthera in Darjeeling Hills
022 Synopsis of Eulophia in Manipur
023 Addition of Tradescantia fluminensis to Sikkim flora
024 Obituary for Prof N Venugopal