East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 15.3
000 Pleione 15.3_2021_Contents
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001 Pyonim Lungphi et al. Morphology typification and type locality of Salacca secunda Griff. Arecaceae
002 S Salam and NS Jamir. Antidiabetic plants used by Thankhul Naga tribe in Manipur
003 BK Singh et al. Ethnomedicinal Asteraceae plants of Asteraceae from Jammu and Kashmir
004 G Pangging et al. Review of healthcare plants used by Monpa tribe in Arunachal Pradesh
005 Khooshboo Yadav et al. Ethnomedicinal plants from Milam valley in Uttarakhand
006 S Joshi and DM Bajracharya. Interrelationship of taxa in Senecio s.l. Asteraceae
007 AN Rao. New species of orchids discovered from Independent India 1947_2021
008 Ratna S Gautam et al. Forest Carbon estimation in Nepal - a review
009 Momang Taram et al. Ethnobotanical uses of Gesneriaceae by tribals in Arunachal Pradesh
010 HB Naithani et al. Distribution and flowering of Gigantichloa albociliata in India
011 Sajan Thakur et al. Magico-religious plants from Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir
012 Pyonim Lungphi et al. Phlogacanthus changlangensis sp.nov. from Arunachal Pradesh
013 TK Paul. Two new combinations in Garcinia cambogioides
014 Pravesh Rajput et al. Lectotypification of Anemonoides griffithii_Ranunculaceae
015 Debabrata Maity. Typification of the name Pedicularis globifera
016 Khyanjeet Gogoi et al. Coelogyne rigina _addition to the orchid flora of Assam
017 Mrinmoy Midday et al. Rediscovery of endemic Primula munroi after a century
018 Chalbasson Lyngwa et al. Calanthe davidii_an addition to the flora of Meghalaya
019 Durga K Pradhan. Occurrence of Allium chinense in Sikkim Himalaya