East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 2.2
Pleione Contents 2.2
Gesneriaceae in Eastern Himalaya
Salix radinostachya in Eastern Himalaya
Garcinia extended distribution Assam
Phytoremedies by Gurungs in Darjeeling
Wild edible fruits of Karbis in Assam
Crop Field Weeds of Nalbari Assam
Tree fodder for Golden Langur in Assam
Edible Dioscorea species in Arunachal
Rhododendron lepidotum description
Phytogeography of Barpeta Dist Assam
Folk remedies of respiratory diseases
Rhododendron niveum population in Sikkim
TK on med plants of Yimchunger-Naga tribes
Epidermal Morphology Alternanthera
Anti-gastric ulcer effect E Himalayan plants
New species of Premna
Coeloglossum viride in India
Alphonsea ventricosa in Nepal
Begonia sandalifolia in India
Zeuxine goodyeroides in Assam
Zeuxine affinis in Nepal