East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 3.1
Pleione Contents 3.1
Medico-ethnobot of Monpas in W Kameng dist of Arunachal
Ethnomedicinal uses of Cinnamomum in Arunachal Pradesh
Distribution of Bamboos in Pangolakha WLS in Sikkim
Contribution to Commelinaceae in Darjeeling_Sikkim Himalayas
Flora of Rajib Gandhi University Campus_Arunachal
Occurrence of East Himalayan grasses in Eastern Ghats
Exotic weeds of Guwahati in Assam
Plant diversity indices and pedological characteristics of Ragiroom Beat_Darjeeling
Wild edible fruits of Wokha district of Nagaland
Ethnomedicinal uses of Cyperus rotundus in Assam
Phytosociology of Winter Crop-Field Weeds of Nalbari District of Assam
Status documentation of Dioscorea in Meghalaya for food security
Ethno-medicinal plants in wetlands of Maldah district of West Bengal
Ethno- medicobotany of some tribal communities of Tripura
Occurrence of Limnocharis flava in Tripura_karyotype and micromorphology
Leaf impressions of Calophyllum from Middle Siwalik sediments of Arunachal
Oberonia longilabris_a new record for Nepal
Aspidopterys wallichii_a new record for Eastern Himalaya
Secondary flowers_monstrous growth in Rosa hybrida