East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 5.1
Pleione Contents 5.1
Orchids of Jammu_Kashmir
Phytogeography of Nameri NP Assam
Hedychium in Tamenglong Dist Manipur
Homestead Gardens in Kamrup Dist Assam
Horticultural orchids from Nagaland
Antiulcer activity of Murraya koenigii
Wild edible fruits of Dimapur dist Nagaland
New orchids for Joypur RF in Dibrugarh dist Assam
Recollection of Antrophyum from Meghalaya
Ethnomed plants of Phom-Nagas in Nagaland
Edible_Medicinal Plants in Pakke WLS Arunachal
Useful and poisonous tea weeds of Darjeeling
Ethnomed plants of Kabui Naga of Manipur
Ethnomed uses of Drymaria cordata
Ferns_fern allies of Kanchenjunga BR Sikkim
Traditional Conservation in Hailakandi Dist Assam
Status of water lilies in Manipur
Ethnomed Plants of Hmar Tribe in Cachar Dist Assam
Vascular plants of Balurghat in WBengal
Notes on Salix eriostachya in Sikkim
Notes on Geophila reniformis in Assam
Hyptis pectinata distribution in Manipur
Anaphalis rhododactyla new to Nepal
Notes on Rosa clinophylla var. glabra in WBengal
Dobinea new to Meghalaya_Nagaland
Ceropegia longifolia new to Manipur
Gnetum montanum in Terai_Duars WBengal
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