East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 6.1
Pleione Contents 6.1
Cinnamomum pauciflorum_spice and oil plant in NE India
Checklist of orchids of Tinsukia dist of Assam
Genus Youngia Cassini sensu Babcock & Stebbins in India
Updated checklist of genus Carex in Jammu_Kashmir
Ethno-medicinal Rubiaceous plants available from Assam
Semi_domesticated plants in N Cachar Hills Assam
Ethnoecology of Indian Ephedras
Taxonomic status of Smilax using foliar epidermis
Orchid flora of Kurung Kumey Dist of Arunachal Pradesh
Occurrence and uses of Clerodendrum in Assam
Diversity of Commelinaceae in Kamrup Dist of Assam
Concentration of endemic plants in Nagaland community forests
Plants used in preparation of Kolakhar in Udalguri dist of Assam
Forest flora in rural livelihood in Jayanti_Buxa Tiger Reserve
Finest Lakadong variety turmeric from Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya
Plant Diversity in Pakke WLS_Tiger Reserve in EKameng dist
Diversity of Cleisostoma in Dibrugarh dist of Assam_NE India
Chromosomal Diversity of Nepalese Leguminous Flora
Traditional wild vegetables used in Darjeeling hills
Micromorphology in taxonomy of some members of Inuleae
Seedling morphology of dicotyledonous climbers in D Dinajpur
Magnoliopsida in Gossaihat Beel in Jalpaiguri Forest Divn_W Bengal
Bauhinia roxburghiana – A new record for North-East India
Rediscovery of Campanumoea javanica in PhawngpuiNP_Mizoram
Two new records from Mahananda WLS in W Bengal
Oplismenus undulatifolius_new record for W Bengal
Thrixspermum musciflorum_new record for Assam
Salix matsudana_new record for India from Kashmir Himalaya
Duhaldea nervosa_new to flora of Himachal Pradesh
Lycianthes laevis_new record for Mizoram