East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 7.1
Pleione Contents 7.1
Micromorphology of leaf epidermis in 3 sp of Mimosa from Assam
Aquatic and wetland angiosperms in the Kamrup Dist of Assam
Vanda flower color analysis using RHS color chart
Dendrobium in Tropical Evergreen Forests of Upper Assam
Floral morphology and foliar anatomy of Blumea lanceolaria
Orchids of Shivapuri NP in Nepal and their conservation
Exotic plants in the Bornadai Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam
Propagation conservation and utilization of Nagaland orchids
Node-petiole anatomy and foliar architechture of 2 sp of Urena
Traditional medicinal use of Jatropha in NE India
Genus Dioscorea in Assam
Marketed wild-edible plants by Zeme Nagas in Mahur Dima Hasao dist
East Himalayan floral elements in Eastern Ghats_Asteraceae
East Himalayan floral elements in Eastern Ghats_Euphorbiaceae
Medicinal plants diversity of Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagaland
Medicinal plants of Gorumara NP in Jalpaiguri dist of West Bengal
Ethnomedicinal plants of Thadou tribe of Manipur
Diversity_distribution and status of Nervilia in Darjeeling Himalaya
Uses of wetland plants by Bodo community in Udalgiri dist of Assam
Rediscovery of Salix obscura from its type locality in Sikkim Himalaya
Wild edible and medicinal plants used by Chiru Tribe of Manipur
Contribution of Gustav Mann to ASSAM Herbarium at Shillong
Karyomorphology on some taxa of Asteraceae in Nepal
Comments on identity of Hellenia speciosa
Typification of Cucumis acutangula and Nyctanthus arbortristis
Eextraction of anti ulcer compound from Amaranthus spinosus
Ligules as aid to Identification of Grasses
Occurrence of Rhopalocnemis phalloides in Neora Valley NP in WBengal
Peristylus manii - a new record for Nepal
Bulbophyllum griffithii and Platanthera cumminsiana – new for Nepal
Record of Acmella ciliata from Assam
Record of Primula waltonii from Arunachal Himalaya
Three new additions for the state flora of Mizoram
Occurrence of Indigofera prostrata in W Himalaya_Himachal Pradesh
Coelogyne fuscescens var brunnea – new record to Manipur
Goniophlebium mengtzeense – new record for Darjiling hills in W Bengal
Sporobolus coromandelianus - new record for NE India
Ludwigia peruviana _ new record for West Bengal
Rediscovery of Hedychium longipedunculatum from Nagaland
Coelogyne flavida – a new orchid for Assam
New report of Blumea axillaris for North East India
Obetuary_Prof M L Banerji