East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)
Pleione 9.2
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Prospecting biodiversity and drug design
Gymnosperms of Northeast India
Horticulture potential SinghasonHills flora Assam
Use of Buxa TR flora WBengal
Edible plants for Angami-Nagas in Nagaland
Vegetation stratification in Barpeta Assam
Lycopodiaceae in Darjiling Hills WBenal
Life-form spectrum in Amambilok Sacred Grove
Phreatia elegans in Nepal floa
Wild vegetables in Mokokchung market Nagaland
Pteridophytes in Madan Kamdev Hill Assam
Micromorphology in Senecio taxonomy
Plants of Singju by Meiteis of Assam
Flora of Chirang RE of Manas BR in Assam
Spore morphology of Drynoid Ferns of Manipur
Legumes in Papum Pare Dist of Arunachal
Foliar architecture of Diospyros lanceifolia
Ethnomed plants in HaaKali Sacred Grove Uttarakhand
Pollination Biol of Rhododendron macabeanum
Rajbanshi cuisine from North WBengal
Arundo donax_TK and consrvation in Manipur
Rediscovery of Diplarche multiflora_ D. pauciflora
Type of Grewia sapida var. campbellii
Globba teesta sp nov WBengal
Blumea belangeriana in NE India
Blumea manillensis record for India
Ficus schefferiana recird for India
Mycotroph Aphyllorchis montana Manipur
Murdannia keisak sp nov from India
Markhamia lutea record from India
Mitrephora tomentosa in Manipur
Sunirmal Chanda_obituary