East Himalayan Society for Sparmatophyte Taxonomy (TaxoClub)

PLEIONE, The Official Journal of the East Himalayan Society for Spermatophyte Taxonomy:

Pleione is a refereed international journal publishes on 30th June and 31st December every year. Pleione is intended to publish works on the vascular plants of the Himalayan region. However, for revisions and monographs the taxon may be with wide distribution but that should cover this region. Apart from the special invited articles, other types include Full Research Articles, New Taxa, Short Communications (max. 3 pages), Notes (max. 2 pages) and Book Reviews (1 page).

Authors may refer the latest issue of the journal for the format. However, it will follow like this: Title (upper/lower; 14 font size), Authors (upper/lower; 11 font size), Address (with PIN code & e-mail; 9 font size), Abstract (short; 9 font size), Key words (9 font size), Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements (if any) and Literature Cited (all in 11 font size). Results may be presented either in tables or in graphs.

Tables should be typed using ‘Table’ format in MSWORD and not just by using the ‘Tab-key’ of the key board. All tables, figures, photos, maps etc are to be properly numbered and with proper legends/ captions and those should be referred in the text. Authors are requested to avoid colored graphs or photographs as those will increase the production cost and the extra cost will be charged to the author.

Keys should be strictly dichotomous and numbered. Authors should avoid preparing Keys using just single character or invisible or difficult characters. During floristic enumeration protologue references are always expected. All scientific names are to be provided with proper author citation. Author citation should be complete and protologue references must be clearly understandable. Basionyms wherever applicable are to be provided.

For references following style is to be maintained:

Hooker, J.D. 1890. Flora of British India. Vol. 5. L. Reeve and Co., Ashford, Kent, London.
Das, A.P. 1995. Diversity of the angiospermic flora of Darjeeling Hills. In Taxonomy and Biodiversity, ed. A.K. Pandey. CBS, New Delhi. Pp.118 – 127.
Averyanov, L.V. 2005. New Orchids from Vietnam. Rheedea 15(2): 83 – 101.
Salam, S.; Kumar, P. & Jamir, N.S. 2010. Wild edible plants used by the Thangkhul Naga tribe of Ukhrul district in Manipur. Pleione 4(2): 284 – 287.

Please do not send PDF files. Original soft copies of photographs are expected for final plate setting. Matters should be submitted in MSWORD typed in Times New Roman, in CDs or by e-mail to:

The Editor
Taxonomy & Environmental Biology Lab.
Department of Botany
North Bengal University
Siliguri 734013, West Bengal, India

Or, e-mail to taxoclub@gmail.comapdas.nbu@gmail.com.

All articles will be referred to at least one referee and future actions on the paper will be based on referee’s report.

At least one author is to be a Member of the East Himalayan Society for Spermatophyte Taxonomy. However, we suggest all authors to be members.

Publication in Pleione is not free of cost. The corresponding author will get a copy of the journal free of cost and will receive 25 copies of the reprint. The printing charges will be calculated based on the actual production cost only.


Chief Editor (Honorary) 2018: Prof. M Dutta Choudhury, Dept of Life Science, Assam University, Silchar

Managing Editor: Prof. AP Das, Manjusree Apartment, Flat A, Suryasen Pally, Kadamtala, Siliguri 734011

Associate Editor: Prof. H. Lalraminglova, Dept of Environmental Science, Mizoram University and Dr. D. Maity, Dept of Botany, Calcutta University

Co-Editor: Dr. Chandra Ghosh, Gour Mahavidyalaya, Malda & Dr. Arun Chetri, Dept of Botany, Sikkim University


Editorial Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. Tod S Stussey (Austria),
  • Dr. K. N. Gandhi (USA),
  • Dr. Magnus Liden (Sweden),
  • Prof. Jungkoo Lee(S. Korea),
  • Dr. A. N. Rao (Andhra Pradesh),
  • Prof. M. Sabu (Kerala),
  • Prof. A. K. Bhatnagar (Delhi),
  • Prof. S. R. Yadav (Maharashtra),
  • Dr. Eklabya Sharma (Nepal),
  • Prof. S. N. Raina (New Delhi),
  • Prof. Alka Chaturvedi(Nagpur),
  • Prof. N. K. Janarthanam(Goa),
  • Dr. M. A. Ali(Saudi Arabia),
  • Prof. Hanno Schaefer(Germany),
  • Dr. Vidal de Freitas Mansano(Brazil).

The price of each issue of Pleione will be determined based on its production cost. Vendors / book sellers in India will get proper discount but need to pay forwarding charges if purchased less than five copies


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